Writing Fiction: 4 Apps To Get Organized and Stay Productive

Writing fiction is a messy process. You’re tracking characters, elements of your plot, scenes, research, and much more. Apps can help you to make sense of it all, cutting down on stress.

I like to create mind maps in apps like Obsidian and Ayoa.

Mind maps help control stress when you’re writing fiction

From Mind Maps For Creatives: Overcome Challenges And Find Solutions:

Stress can cause writing blocks. Whenever you find yourself blocked, create a mind map to find solutions.

No one has unlimited time. When you sit down to write, you want to write. It’s much easier to glance at a mind map than it is to scroll through notes and documents.

I use Obsidian’s canvas for basic mind mapping.

Obsidian: use Obsidian’s canvas plugin for overviews

Canvas is a core Obsidian plugin, so you can create mind maps from your Markdown documents and notes. If you’re new to the canvas plugin, here’s a great video to get you started.

You can add a canvas anywhere you choose in your vault. I like to use a canvas to organize my ideas for a new fiction project, because I can drag Markdown notes, images and web links anywhere I like, to create a quick overview, or to plan.

Here are some other apps to help you to organize your fiction writing.

Trello app: get organized with the Writing a Book template

Trello’s a favorite app because I like to see where I am in a project at a glance. If you work on a several novels at a time, it’s invaluable. You can create boards for each project. If you’re ghostwriting fiction, it’s easy to share a board with a client.

Here’s Trello’s book template; it’s useful, especially if you’re new to the app.

Craft app: easy planning and writing

Although I use Obsidian for major planning—basically as a writing studio—I like Craft because I can share documents with clients easily.

Indie author Adam Eccles uses the Craft app to write his bestselling novels. Check out his book template.

Ayoa app: easy mind mapping

Love mind mapping? Me too. Ayoa offers easy and powerful mind mapping, with unlimited maps for free.

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