Increase Your Writing Income Painlessly: Be Yourself, Get Creative

Do you wish you could increase your writing income? Here’s a big tip: be yourself. Please stop rolling your eyes, this isn’t a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Being yourself means that you enjoy your writing. When you enjoy it, not only will you be more creative, you’ll be more productive too. “Be yourself” applies: If you’re a freelance writer. Think about your … Read more

Ghostwriting: How Much Do Book Ghostwriters Charge?

As you may know, I love ghostwriting. It’s been a major part of my writing for decades, starting when I wrote business books that were commissioned by the publishers Prentice Hall and Allen & Unwin. When lunching with an editor, I asked her what her greatest challenge was with her authors. “Getting them to deliver on time,” she said. Her … Read more

New Copywriter: How To Stand Out And Get The Clients You Want

You’re a new copywriter who’s offering all the standard services: landing pages, marketing collateral, social media content, and so on. The challenge: every other copywriter offers those services too. How do you stand out from the crowd? Recently one of my students said: “I’ve just created my first website, but basically I’m doing what everybody else does. Who will hire … Read more

Copywriting: How To Create Taglines That Stick

A copywriting student asked about taglines. How do you create one that’s meaningful? Oddly enough, I’ve been tinkering with my tagline, word magic, because I fretted about the term: “magic” and its connotations. I changed the tagline, but wasn’t happy, so I changed it back. Whatever its connotations, it works for me and what I do. I like it because … Read more

Your Writing Business: Make Friends With AI, There’s A Bright Side

AI seems to be everywhere since the release of ChatGPT. But should you be using it in your writing business? Before we go on, if you’re unfamiliar with AI, here’s a mini-glossary: AI: artificial intelligence. ChatGPT: Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. ChatGPT is an AI app. It’s a text generative tool, developed by the company OpenAI, and released in November 2022. … Read more