Write Fiction And Sell: 3 Tips To Attract Loyal Readers

Today, self-publishing is big business. With many millions of books available, how do you write fiction that stands out? It can be a struggle. Not only do authors compete with other self-publishers, they also compete with: Traditional publishers. Literary agents. Amazon’s powerful imprints. Traditional publishers are relaunching authors’ backlists. Literary agents survey the battlefield, ready to pounce on new authors … Read more

Serial Fiction: What Is It, And Why Write It?

Are you wondering about serial fiction? I’ve had questions about serials over the past couple of months, including: What they are. How you write them. Who buys them. Which genres? And more. Here’s a quick definition: a serial is a long story, published as a part-work. Although a serial is similar to a novel, in that it’s a story with … Read more

A Creative Goal: Know Why, And Begin, To Avoid Danger

Want to achieve a creative goal? The goal can be anything. It may be: To win a top-tier client in an industry (freelance writing.) Publish a series of novels (novelist.) Develop an online class (although you’re new to teaching, you have knowledge and hard-won insights to share.) After setting a creative goal for a project late last year, I haven’t … Read more

Mind Maps For Creatives: Overcome Challenges And Find Solutions

Are you using mind maps? They’re powerful tools you can use in many ways to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and get motivated. They help writers and other creatives to become more creative and productive. When I mentor writers and authors, they’ve opted for mentoring because they’re frustrated. When you’re battling in the trenches of your writing career, it’s hard to … Read more