Writing Fiction Using Characterization Tricks: Killer, Saint, Idiot?

When you’re writing fiction, your characters are everything. “Plot” is what your characters do. Since characterization is so vital, let’s look at simple ways to get characters clear in your own mind… So you can make them real to readers. I’ve been rereading Anthony Trollope, just for his characters. He’s masterful at characterization. Not only do you believe in his … Read more

Writing Prompts: Get Creative And Inspire YOUR Fiction Today

Do you enjoy writing prompts? They make excellent warmups, allowing your mind to drift easily into a “writing” state—you’re busily writing your current project before your resistance and inner editor try to stop you. Writing prompts: conquer resistance in five minutes Resistance can be tricky, so avoid looking for reasons: … (resistance) can also dress itself up in fancy clothes: … Read more