Writing To Get Results, Even If Writing Is Hard For You

Do you worry that you “can’t write”? I’m fond of saying that if you can talk, you can write. To get results from your words, focus on clarity—know what you want to say, so that you can say it clearly, for your intended audience. Always keep your audience in mind. To get results, you’re always writing for one person—even if … Read more

Create Your Author Website: 4 Key Questions You Must Answer

You’re an author; you need an author website. However, before you get started, consider your goals. It’s very easy to create a site, but challenging to overhaul the site later… And heartbreaking to trash a site because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Start with the most important question: why? WHY create an author website? Why do you want to … Read more

Short Fiction: Why Write Shorties?

I adore writing short fiction. It’s the only way I can keep several pen names going concurrently and have time to ghostwrite short fiction as well. Recently I did a Q & A with my Pro Fiction class (sorry, it’s invitation only) on writing short stories. A couple of the students weren’t keen on short fiction. They were new to … Read more

Short Fiction Self-Publishing: Turn A Few Hours Into Book Sales

Love writing short fiction? You can spend a few hours writing, then publish something readers love… And turn those readers into fans. This was brought home to me recently. I asked my fiction writing students: had writing short stories made a difference to their self-publishing business? Short fiction: how one author turned her self-publishing career around One author said she … Read more

Motivation Monday: The Trap Of Productivity For Writers

I’m a huge fan of everything productivity-related, especially productivity for writers. I can click my way around the web for minutes and hours on end, devotedly researching—hoping to find one magic strategy or trick. Here’s why: writing is hard work. When you’re researching, you’re not writing… However, you’re blithely certain that one day, really soon, you’ll find something which will … Read more