Ghostwriting Fiction: Why It May Be The Perfect Career For You

If you love writing fiction, and want to do it full-time, why not consider ghostwriting? Writing novels, short stories, and novellas not only improves your craft, but it gives you an income too. Not sure how it works? How does fiction ghostwriting work? It works much the same as other freelancing. A client approaches you with a project brief, that … Read more

Freelancing: Writing Your Way

What are your biggest challenges in freelance writing? Common challenges include under-employment, marketing your business, and getting clients who can afford to pay you more than peanuts. Although the gig economy is booming, third parties such as the freelance marketplaces tend to get the profits. The best thing about freelance writing? You can write your way. Write what you want, … Read more

Writing Ideas: Develop A Profitable Ebook Income, Starting Today

Looking for writing ideas to help increase your income? Consider developing nonfiction ebooks. Not only can you write and sell them, you can write them for others as a ghostwriter. Recently, a new freelance writer was dismissive when I mentioned ebooks. He said there was no point in writing them, because: “Everything’s on the web, so no one’s paying for … Read more

Writing To Get Results, Even If Writing Is Hard For You

Do you worry that you “can’t write”? I’m fond of saying that if you can talk, you can write. To get results from your words, focus on clarity—know what you want to say, so that you can say it clearly, for your intended audience. Always keep your audience in mind. To get results, you’re always writing for one person—even if … Read more

Create Your Author Website: 4 Key Questions You Must Answer

You’re an author; you need an author website. However, before you get started, consider your goals. It’s very easy to create a site, but challenging to overhaul the site later… And heartbreaking to trash a site because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Start with the most important question: why? WHY create an author website? Why do you want to … Read more