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If you love writing fiction, consider that it could be more than a pleasant hobby.

“Want to Unleash Your Creativity and Imagination?

“Discover How To Transform Your Fiction into Income, Starting Today.”

Are you a new author who’s struggling to make an income from your passion for storytelling? 

Perhaps you’ve been searching for a proven way to break into the world of fiction writing. 

Fiction writing and publishing are competitive

Chances are you feel overwhelmed. Without the proper guidance, it’s easy to miss out on the opportunities available.

I’ve been helping new authors since 2002. My fiction writing classes are popular, and since I coach new fiction authors every day, I’m familiar with the challenges.

I often wish I’d known what I know now when began my fiction career.

My story: I started my career writing fiction

It was a different world, way before the internet; although I did get into CompuServe in the 1980s.

Here’s the thing: I had “success” of sorts, almost as soon as I made up my mind to approach publishing houses. Within six months, I had a multi-book contract. Since I was operating on my love of writing and instinct alone, I had no idea WHAT I was doing. 

The result? At least a decade of floundering. Finally, by trial and error, I learned what went into a novel. It took me a long time to mesh my instincts with craft—and I’m still learning, because the world changes constantly.

I created our new program for new authors so that you can shortcut years of trial and effort.

Introducing: The One Week Fiction Author: Have Fun And Turn Your Imagination Into Profits

If you’ve been watching new authors achieve their dreams, you’re wondering whether you can become a successful author too. 

You can. “The One Week Fiction Author: Have Fun And Turn Your Imagination Into Profits” is a program designed specifically for new authors. It’s for you if you’re ready to kickstart your writing career and transform your imagination into a profitable business.

An author already?

If you’re a not-so-new author, it will help you to become the success you want to be.

Discover how to:

💡Unlock your potential: Embrace your inner entertainer. Learn savvy ways to harness your unique perspective to build a successful career in fiction.

📚Explore opportunities: Dive into the world of self-publishing novels and novellas, writing serials, ghostwriting, and crafting short fiction for various platforms.

🛠️Develop valuable skills: Writing fiction is a sought-after skill. You can open doors to a wide array of opportunities.

📈Fast-track your success: Save time and avoid the pitfalls of trial and error. You can follow this proven program, designed to help you jumpstart your writing career.

You’ll be well on your way in just one week.

What you receive with The One Week Fiction Author

The One Week Fiction Author: Use Your Imagination And Profit✅ The One Week Fiction Author: Use Your Imagination And Profit

PDF, 63 pages.

When you write fiction, you sell your imagination, and you can profit in many ways. We look at the most popular ways in this program. You’ll go from fiction’s basics to publication quickly.

The Scene-ery Solution: Create The MUST-READ Page- Turner Novels Readers Crave Today✅ The Scene-ery Solution: Create The MUST-READ Page- Turner Novels Readers Crave Today

PDF, 101 pages.

When you’re a new author or an established author, using the power of writing in scenes will increase your sales and your fans. After revising her three-book series into page-turners, one of my students went from no sales per day to several hundred sales per day.

✅ Coaching, as always

A full hour of coaching, via email or phone.

One session, or two sessions.

This is an unbeatable, $200 value. It ensures that this program will work for you, no matter how much or little experience you have.

Here’s what new fiction authors say about The One Week Fiction Author

“I was searching for a new career when I retired. I had doubts about my writing ability… But I love the new program, as well as the wonderful guidance and support. The Action Plan is motivating. I know that I can succeed. I have a whole new exciting life ahead.”

A.S., Australia

“My writing was a fun hobby. This program showed me that it could be much more. Now I’ve written several short stories, and they sell. I’ve made my first income from fiction. Thank you!”

Sophie W., France.

“After completing the program, I’m more motivated than ever to pursue my passion. I’m writing every day, and my first novel is with an editor. I don’t know whether it will sell, but I’m already working on my second.”

Ben R., USA.

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