Write A Book: Make It Easier With The Simple “ASK” Process

Want to write a book? You have various processes you could use. The simplest: start writing. More complicated: create a detailed outline. Unfortunately, every book is different, so your favorite process may not work on the book you’re writing. When you’re struggling, going back to basics helps—looking at the bones of your project. Try creating a list of titles; your … Read more

Writing Ebooks: Can You Still Make Money?

Have you wondered about writing ebooks as a profitable way to make an income? Self-publishing is still the perfect home business. You don’t need big money to get started, and you can write in your spare time or full-time. Although millions of ebooks are published on Amazon, authors can nevertheless make money. An article from Amazon discusses Amazon Kindle Direct … Read more

Writing Process: Brandon Sanderson’s Excellent Kickstarter

How’s your writing process? I’m asking because I first heard about novelist Brandon Sanderson’s amazing success on Kickstarter a few days ago, while skimming Yahoo News. At that stage, his Kickstarter (KS) campaign for his four secret novels was at $31 million. “Secret”… as a copywriter, I LOVE it. What a brilliant tactic to arouse people’s interest, curiosity, and imagination. … Read more