Writing Process: Brandon Sanderson’s Excellent Kickstarter

How’s your writing process? I’m asking because I first heard about novelist Brandon Sanderson’s amazing success on Kickstarter a few days ago, while skimming Yahoo News. At that stage, his Kickstarter (KS) campaign for his four secret novels was at $31 million. “Secret”… as a copywriter, I LOVE it. What a brilliant tactic to arouse people’s interest, curiosity, and imagination. … Read more

Create Your Author Website: 4 Key Questions You Must Answer

You’re an author; you need an author website. However, before you get started, consider your goals. It’s very easy to create a site, but challenging to overhaul the site later… And heartbreaking to trash a site because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Start with the most important question: why? WHY create an author website? Why do you want to … Read more

Self-Publishing Author: 4 Fast Tips Boost Your Publishing Program

If you’re a self-publishing author, you’re busy. Not only do you write your books, you need to promote them, and manage your business as well. Recently Melissa, one of my writing students, told me that although she’s hired a virtual assistant, she’s overwhelmed. She said: “My VA handles my Facebook group and social media posts, and that’s great. I’ve looked … Read more