Self-Publishing: 4 Tips To Grow Your Business Today

A new reader asked for ways to build her self-publishing business quickly. She’s going on maternity leave and wants to develop an alternative to returning to her day job. She said: “I’ve published four books so far. A friend suggested I could focus my writing business and make it viable, but how? Any tips?” The greatest challenge in any business … Read more

Self-Publishing Catastrophe? 3 Tips To Write, Thrive And Sell

Recently, a local authors’ group asked me to chat with them about self-publishing. It was a fun evening with a mix of traditionally published folk and self-publishers. After a brief presentation, the authors asked questions—with many questions about marketing, as well as failures, books that just won’t sell. Everyone has duds, but there’s always something you can do. We’ll look … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Interesting (And Profitable) Author Sidelines

Many authors look at writing fiction as writing novels and short stories. That’s not the only way to profit from your imagination. As you’re aware, the self-publishing industry is vast, and offers many opportunities if you enjoy storytelling. Writing fiction: you have many opportunities other than publishing We’ve looked at various ways of making money from your creativity already, including … Read more