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Before 2020, many businesses had given up on email marketing, but it’s made a comeback. Make the most of EDM (electronic digital marketing)

for your business.

Email marketing: is your email list an underused asset?

Email marketing: is your email list an underused asset?

Some small businesses collect names, email addresses and other information from their customers, but seldom use this wonderful asset.

The people on your email list know you. They’re a past customer, or someone who expressed interest in what you do. Chances are, they’re waiting to hear from you, because if someone has bought from you once, they may do so again.

(Scroll down to see some stats on email’s comeback. It saved many businesses which were in sad straits in 2020.)

What about you?

Are you making the most of email marketing for your business?

It’s easy to forget about email marketing. Over the past decade, social media marketing’s glitz and glamor has supplanted it.

Moreover, it’s a hassle. If email marketing were an injured horse, it would be time to put it out of its misery. It has huge challenges: 1001 filters and algorithms are committed to stopping your email messages getting through to your mailing list.

There’s the expense, too. Business is doing it tough; email marketing platforms are an added expense. The platform you choose needs to pay for itself immediately, with the first mailing you send out, or you’re wise to toss it overboard. You don’t have discretionary cash in your marketing budget, nor do you have time to waste on something which requires a lot of money and time before there’s return on your investment.

Email marketing equals hassle. Who needs it?

Although email marketing can be a pain, consider this: if someone gives you their genuine email address, they’re a committed supporter or customer. That’s more than you can say for your social media “followers”, who couldn’t pick you or your company out of a crowd even if you offered a million-dollar reward.

Anyone who gives you an email address is on your side. Acknowledge that and treat them well; it’s only fair…

That said, email marketing is a commitment.

And it may just save your business.

In 2020, many businesses relied on email marketing: it’s just as important today

Zerobounce reported that in 2020:

Email became the main lifeline between businesses and their customers. It’s the number one channel companies used, in 2020, to share updates and important announcements.

Today, with costs rising, it may be time to return to it.

Consider these quick tips.

Email marketing tips you can use right now: experiment

If you’re sending emails you’ve sent a thousand times, try experimenting. For example, shorter EDMs are working for some companies.

  • Sending long, graphics-heavy EDMs? Try sending brief updates. Keep it simple and entertaining: think TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Brainstorm subject lines: focus on your audience’s needs. Again, think entertaining.
  • In line with Google’s “helpful content” update, apply it to emails too. Create sequences with content your customers can use.
  • Fast Company asks: “are you sending enough emails?” Your customers might appreciate frequent updates.

Only you know whether you need to do more email marketing. If you need help, get in touch.

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