Content Planner: 3 Tips To Choose A System That Works For You

Do you use a content planner? Today, regardless of the kind of writing you do, a planner can help you to stay sane, and avoid missing deadlines. Essentially, a planner helps you to avoid procrastination and get things done. That’s essential for solo entrepreneurs. When thinking about how to develop plans, think of what you need to create. You may … Read more

Content Basics: Find Great Ideas And Sell Your Writing

When you write content, ideas are your lifeblood. For our purposes, I’m defining “content” as anything you like: words, images, advertising, YouTube scripts, presentations… However, although it can seem as though ideas are everywhere, they need to be the right ideas for you. Ideas everywhere, for every type of content Anyone can write content, but if you want to stay … Read more

Procrastination Killer In 5 Steps: The Best Kickstart For Writing

Hate procrastination, but find yourself indulging in this dangerous habit? Me too. I’m always making excuses for procrastinating; my excuses feel legitimate at the time, even though they’re rubbish. Perhaps you make excuses too. Procrastination: you have many, many excuses My favorite excuses for not writing: “I don’t know enough.” I decide to call someone. This person never has time … Read more

Prolific Creator: Yes, You Can! Achieve More In Two Simple Steps

Want to become a prolific creator? You can. Here’s how, in two steps: give yourself permission, and encourage yourself. Firstly however, let’s look at why you may want to become prolific. Why become a prolific creator? You may want to: Minimize procrastination, so you get more done. Accomplish more in a creative field. If you’re a freelance writer for example, … Read more