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Services: copywriting and content

Looking for an experienced, reliable writer, who offers copywriting and content services?

I’m here to help, even if you’re not certain what you need.

My services include:

Copywriting: advertising and marketing materials.

Content: materials for information, entertainment, and to get customers and leads.

SEO content: content created to achieve your business goals, but also to help your customers to find you online.

Ghostwriting: articles and books written for you.

But… why do you need an on-call writer?

You need someone to help you to escape from cookie-cutter world in your marketing.

Got online competition? You can escape from cookie-cutter world

Today, competition is not only fierce, it’s global. Here’s the good news: we’re living in a cookie-cutter world.

Here’s what I mean. Perhaps you’ve noticed that everyone copies everyone else in their marketing materials. Whatever your industry, profession, or vertical marketplace: cookie-cutter.

A professional copywriter and content developer can help you to stand out from the crowd, so that your customers (the people who need what you provide) can find you.

Check out my marketing, copywriting, and content services, and get in touch.


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