Self-Publishing Author: 4 Fast Tips Boost Your Publishing Program

If you’re a self-publishing author, you’re busy. Not only do you write your books, you need to promote them, and manage your business as well. Recently Melissa, one of my writing students, told me that although she’s hired a virtual assistant, she’s overwhelmed. She said: “My VA handles my Facebook group and social media posts, and that’s great. I’ve looked … Read more

Book Marketing That Works, With Free Worksheet

If you’re struggling with book marketing, you need simple tactics which work. Why simple? Because complicated promotions take time away from your writing. Self-publishing is a balancing act. You need to create books to self-publish, plus you need to market those books. Back in 2020, we posted Book Marketing Ideas: 10 Savvy Ways To Sell More Books. They’re the marketing … Read more

What’s Content Creation? Make Content Work For You

“What’s content creation?” is a popular question, because content is hot. Content not only makes money if you sell it (books, movies), content creation has become an essential marketing strategy for companies and organizations large and small. Content can be anything from a tiny tweet, to a huge blockbuster novel or movie. In defining content, Google includes these definitions: The … Read more

Markdown: Clever Tools To Write And Publish Anywhere

Do you use Markdown? If you want to write and publish anywhere, Markdown makes it easy. Inspiration can strike when you’re out and about, or sitting on your sofa watching a DVD. Although you can jot down a few words in the Notes app on your phone, this material is throwaway text. If you want to publish it, you’ll need … Read more