Content Planner: 3 Tips To Choose A System That Works For You

Do you use a content planner? Today, regardless of the kind of writing you do, a planner can help you to stay sane, and avoid missing deadlines. Essentially, a planner helps you to avoid procrastination and get things done. That’s essential for solo entrepreneurs. When thinking about how to develop plans, think of what you need to create. You may … Read more

6 Tips To Clear The Decks And Set New Self-Publishing Goals

Did you achieve your self-publishing goals for this year? It’s November, so there’s still time to finish projects, and clear the decks for next year. Start by reviewing your sales. Self-publishing goals: review your sales (what worked?) A book you know will sell, doesn’t. Another book you wrote to amuse yourself takes off. What worked for you this year? Consider: … Read more

Self-Publishing: 4 Ways To Use Blogging To Boost Your Business

If you’re a self-publishing author, chances are you’re feeling that you could do more with your blog. However, you struggle to find content ideas. Yes, you post cover reveals, “coming soon” updates, and snippets about your characters and plot, but you’re getting little traffic. What if you found other ways to use your blog? Go beyond simple promotions. For example, … Read more

Writing Fiction: 4 Apps To Get Organized and Stay Productive

Writing fiction is a messy process. You’re tracking characters, elements of your plot, scenes, research, and much more. Apps can help you to make sense of it all, cutting down on stress. I like to create mind maps in apps like Obsidian and Ayoa. Mind maps help control stress when you’re writing fiction From Mind Maps For Creatives: Overcome Challenges … Read more

Become Productive: Use Ray Bradbury’s Writing Advice (It Works)

Struggling with your writing? What if you could become productive, quite painlessly, and enjoy the process? You can; just relax. Does that sound too simple? In a way, it is. Although I love productivity tips and apps, over the years I’ve come to understand that I much prefer thinking about productivity to getting on with it. Creativity isn’t complicated. Mostly … Read more