Social Media Marketing Services:

Develop Fans.

Increase Your Visibility, Engagement And Sales

Social Media Marketing Services: Develop Fans. Increase Your Visibility, Engagement And Sales

Social media marketing.

It’s a good idea and you know you should do it, but… It takes a long time, and where are the results? HUH? You want RESULTS.

Sociability is all very well. But you can’t stay in business because you’re a nice person and you love to schmooze. Business is all about SALES, or suddenly you’re no longer in business.

The bottom line: RESULTS. Returns on investment: sales.

(Read on for a social media marketing—no, a marketing—secret.)

No excuses. You must market on social media

Yes, I know… It’s HARD, because it takes time. And energy.

For me, too.

An example. I established my Twitter profile, @angee, in the internet dark ages… Well, in April 2007. That’s a LONG time ago in internet years. My primary Pinterest profile is a little younger, but it has 7K followers… Big yawn, right, who cares?

Well, I don’t care either.

Despite the fact that I spend time on social media. Time I often consider an indulgence, frankly. Because I want results, just as you do.

Here’s the thing.

It’s all about the touch points. (A “touch point” is simply anytime someone sees your name and makes a connection of some kind, before, after, or during a sale. )

The connection might be simple—someone remembers (vaguely) that they heard someone else mention something about you…

Here’s a hard truth.

If they don’t see your name or your business’s name repeatedly, you won’t make sales. (Or as many sales as you could.)

Way back, copywriters used to tell their clients: “they need to see your name at least seven times!”

That was before the internet and way before social media.

Seven times.

Consider today. Today, it’s way more than seven.

Here’s the secret…

Today, it takes around 30 touch points for you to make a sale.

I did my research. (Huh… I jest. I Googled it.)

According to Google, today’s touch points vary between eight times (you’re dreaming) and 20 times (you’re still dreaming) before you make a sale.

I repeat: according to Google. In my experience? Today, it takes around 30 touch points for you to make a sale.

That’s the secret: people need to see your name lots of times before you make a sale.

30 touch points.

Not easy, even if you advertise, which you should, but at least 50% of your advertising spend is money you’ll never get back. (Yep, I’m a copywriter who’s telling the truth; I hate BS.)

What’s the easiest way for you to get in front of people and create a touch point?

Yep. Social media.

So, you may know you need it, but the challenges remain. Where will the time and energy come from?

Funny you should ask.

I happen to offer…

Content for your social media channels

Yes: social media content for your small or medium business to build your profile and brand and create LOTS of touch points.

I help you to leverage your strengths and make the most of your goods, services and offerings. I help you to create touch points, which will lead to sales.

Big point: your social media content helps you to leverage your ad spend.

Repetition is the secret to success.

In life, and in marketing.

Contact me today, to discuss your social media marketing. (Especially if you have zero social media marketing, because who has the time?)

Fill in the form. I’ll respond, and we ‘ll get started creating touch points and making sales for you, today.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash