New, Self-Publishing: Franchise Your Fiction: Create Bestsellers

Struggling with self-publishing your fiction? Self-publishing is wonderful for authors. You don’t need literary agents, acquisitions editors, et al. But… Many thousands of new novels are published each and every week. Each novel has a hopeful author, who’s struggling to win readers. Stop struggling. Build a relationship with your readers, instead. Self-publishing: build a relationship with your readers How do … Read more

Self-Publishing: 5 Quick Tips To Help You To Avoid Procrastination

Have you been procrastinating on your self-publishing ambitions? Procrastination is a challenge for both nonfiction and fiction authors. Nonfiction authors distrust their inspiration. One author told me: “I’ve already started three books—but there’s dozens of nonfiction books on those topics already.” Have you nixed an idea because “it’s already been done?” When you’re looking for nonfiction ideas, competition should encourage … Read more

Make Money Writing: 4 Popular Questions And Answers

Do you want to make money using your writing skills? I receive many questions about how to get started, what fees to charge, self-publishing and pen names… The most popular question is: can you make money with a writing business? Can you make money with a writing business? Yes, you can. If you check any of the freelance marketplaces, such … Read more

Professional Writer? 3 Easy Tips To Sell More With The Magic Of “New”

Are you a professional writer? Let me introduce you to one of copywriting’s most magical words: “new”. Everyone is seduced by “new.” It’s aligned with the fear of missing out (FOMO), and FOMO is a thing. From Psychology Today: A decade ago, “fear of missing out,” or “FOMO,” was nothing more than a cute Facebook hashtag. Now, it’s a well-studied … Read more