Self-Publishing: A Vital “Essentials” Checklist For Nonfiction

Are you a self-publishing author who’s publishing nonfiction? A checklist of essential elements may help. I created this checklist for my students; you may find it useful too. Vital: please test all nonfiction ideas. Testing can save you months—even years. Self-publishing: find problems and offer solutions—and TEST We all have problems we’re not sure how to tackle. Or, perhaps we … Read more

Write A Memoir: 3 Tips Turn Your Life Into Fiction Or Nonfiction

If you’re looking for book ideas, why not write a memoir? You already have the content—you’ve got the advice to “write what you know” well and truly covered. Unfortunately, most authors experience stumbling blocks when they write from real life. We’ll look at some tips to help you to overcome them. A quick note: these tips are for you if … Read more

Writing Process: Become More Productive With 4 Easy Warmups

Want to be more productive? Try developing a writing process which includes warm ups. When you warm up before writing, you’ll eliminate procrastination and you’ll get more writing done in less time. Over the years, whenever I’ve skipped warm ups because deadlines loomed, I discovered projects took longer and frequently developed unexpected challenges. Try a couple of these warm ups … Read more