Weekly Offerings: Your Short Fiction Formula

This week’s offering: Your Short Fiction Formula: The Easiest-Ever Writing Process.

Imagine getting an idea for a short story one morning and publishing it that afternoon. This workshop is packed with tips, tricks and strategies to help you to make short fiction part of your publishing plans.

BTW, I’ve had lots of questions about Christmas sales ideas for fiction. Why not write a short story a week over the next eight weeks? Whether you’re a new author or established, writing short stories is a great way to promote your fiction while making sales.

I’ve already started my “story a week” plan for the holiday sales season: join me.

This special offering is available for one week, until Sunday, October 18.

New Fiction Author? Publish Short Stories To Hone Your Skills

I’m a big fan of short fiction. If you’re a new author, publishing short stories gives you a boost in confidence. Myths about short fiction abound. “Readers won’t read short stories,” my students tell me. Not so. Many readers love short material. Readers are willing to pay and invest 30 minutes in a story, but will baulk at investing hours … Read more