Organic Plotting A Series: Grow Your Plot While You Write

Wish plotting your fiction could be easier? If you’re struggling with plotting, try organic plotting. It’s my preferred plotting strategy and works brilliantly, especially if you’re writing a series. A couple of readers asked for plotting help. One reader has numerous unfinished novels: “I get to 20 pages and lose interest.” The other reader is ready to give up writing: … Read more

Book Marketing Ideas: 10 Savvy Ways To Sell More Books

Looking for book marketing ideas? If your sales have slowed during the pandemic, remember the 30 Day Rule. This rule states that the marketing you do over the next 30 days will pay off over the next 90 days. In short, you need to be consistent in your marketing. 15 minutes a day every day for 30 days is more … Read more

Writing Fiction: How To Incorporate Brilliant New Ideas

Ideas are seductive, especially when you’re writing fiction. They can be dangerous too, during your first draft. If you revise while writing your first draft you might get into such a tangle that you never complete your novel. A couple of weeks back, an author asked: “is it essential to write my first draft straight through? I’ve got a couple … Read more

Blogging Made Simple, 4 Easy Ways

I’ve received several reader questions about blogging. One reader said that he hadn’t posted to his blog in a year because blogging’s too difficult. Another reader, a self-publishing author, wants to create a blog to market his books, but “doesn’t know what to write.” Blogging made simple: create I love this Flannery O’Connor quote: “I write because I don’t know … Read more

Get Motivated And Organized: 5 Trello Tricks For Your Business

Do you wish you could be more organized and productive? If you’re feeling stressed and disorganized, Trello can help. By the way — the app is free for basic use, and it’s a wonderful tool for writers. Think of it as an electronic bulletin board, or whiteboard. (Disclosure: I have no connection to the developers; I simply enjoy the program.) … Read more