Sell Your Fiction: My 6 Best Tips To Write And Sell

Want to sell your fiction? I receive questions about fiction sales a couple of times a week—often from baby authors, who haven’t yet started writing. These embryo authors want guarantees that their writing will sell, before they invest time and energy. Sadly, writing comes first. Please, write consistently, and effortlessly. If you’re forcing yourself to write, it will always be … Read more

Writing Ideas: Develop A Profitable Ebook Income, Starting Today

Looking for writing ideas to help increase your income? Consider developing nonfiction ebooks. Not only can you write and sell them, you can write them for others as a ghostwriter. Recently, a new freelance writer was dismissive when I mentioned ebooks. He said there was no point in writing them, because: “Everything’s on the web, so no one’s paying for … Read more

Writing Fiction Using Characterization Tricks: Killer, Saint, Idiot?

When you’re writing fiction, your characters are everything. “Plot” is what your characters do. Since characterization is so vital, let’s look at simple ways to get characters clear in your own mind… So you can make them real to readers. I’ve been rereading Anthony Trollope, just for his characters. He’s masterful at characterization. Not only do you believe in his … Read more