Writing Fiction: 3 Strategies To Keep You Writing

Frustrated? When you’re writing fiction, frustration is a given: you’ll often become annoyed. Please expect that. Every project is different, regardless of what you’re writing. Last week, an author told me she was ready to give up. She’d started a series, and although the first book sold well, the second wasn’t moving at all. Moreover, the third novel was a … Read more

A Plotting Challenge: When Fictional Characters Won’t Behave

Confused about plotting? A reader said that she’s giving up on her current novel because “her characters won’t behave.” She doesn’t like them, nor does she believe in them. Here’s a secret. Misbehaving characters can be a GOOD thing. Usually, it happens when you’re trying to make a character do something he can’t naturally do. It’s wonderful: it means that … Read more

New, Short Stories: The 3-Step Formula (Short Fiction in 60 Minutes)

If you’re a fiction author, you know that short stories sell. They’re useful as promotional tools, and if you’re beginning, they’re a fun way to learn storytelling skills. Recently, a coaching student told me that one of her little ebooks outsells everything else she’s written. “It’s become the foundation of my self-publishing business,” she said. “This story introduces my readers … Read more