Clarity Above All: Write What You Mean (It’s Challenging)

Do you focus on clarity? It’s essential when you’re writing anything.

However, it’s easy to miss or ignore. For the second time today, I’ve looked at content, and thought… huh? One company was a startup with a LinkedIn page; the other was an established brand.

I looked up the startup on Google because I couldn’t work out what they were selling. For the brand, I checked the rest of the site.

It’s easy to be unclear. Once I ran a site for a solid year, without clarifying its focus explicitly, that is: on the site itself. We make assumptions, based on what we know. Other people can be mystified. 🙂

Big tip:

All your copy, from taglines (slogans) to novels, must be written for results. You can’t get results if you confuse your audience.

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