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Why marketing packages?

Since the 2020 global fiasco, I’ve received questions and enquiries about marketing solutions from business owners who want to reconnect with their customers and find new ones.

Unfortunately, marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Everything depends on your target market, and… Yadda, yadda, yadda.

If you’re running a business, you’re busy with your business.

You want marketing that works, without hassle. You’re understandably impatient, because often, spending money on the problem means wasting money.

A client brought that home to me recently.

Right in the middle of my (great, no lie) marketing pitch for his marketing options, he sighed. “OK,” he said.

He sounded defeated. “I don’t understand all this social stuff, but OK… Haven’t you got something simple? Something that just works, because it covers everything I need?”

I said, “how about a package? Now I know what you need, I can create a marketing package for you. One solution, each month. Just one thing—to meet your marketing goals without hassle.”

He agreed that that sounded great.

So, suddenly I had a client and I had to create a package to meet his needs.

Over time, one package became several offerings; options for various clients, each option customized to suit the customer’s business.

You know your business and what your business needs so that you get customers and make sales– but you don’t care how it’s done, nor do you want to spend time and energy on it. You need a one-stop, complete, data-driven marketing solution.

Please get in touch. Tell me what you need in a few words and I’ll offer a solution, customized to you and to your needs. 

Could a marketing package be right for you?

Marketing packages offer quick solutions. You can kickstart your marketing strategy in days, rather than months.

Each package is customized and is backed by data.

If you’re a web development, graphic design, or business agency, a marketing package might be a simple, quick and professional choice for your clients.

You own an agency: you need marketing packages

Your clients need content and marketing collateral. But the research and development of marketing personas, as well as all the endless research for marketing materials takes time; they make your solutions expensive too, even before you start developing content ideas and researching keywords.

It’s all a LOT of work.

Here’s the solution: get marketing packages for your agency clients.

All the content is written by a top copywriter. It’s accompanied by research reports you can give your clients, as well as ideas for further content the client’s staff could create after their package has gone live.

Perhaps you’re a business owner…

You own a small business, or you’re a startup, or an entrepreneur

You need to tell the world who you are, and why they should do business with you.

Get a marketing package, customized to suit your needs. Your package includes a targeted research report: you’ll receive information about your competition, as well as research you can use going forward.

In addition your marketing package, you’ll receive ideas on how to extend the package, with keyword ideas and social media content ideas.

All content in your marketing packages is written by a top copywriter (me, Angela Booth.)

Marketing packages available now

All packages include graphics.

Our currently available marketing packages include:

  • Website content for your new or established website. Website copy is never done. Your copy helps you to get visible and get sales.
  • Social media content by the month: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Blog content: four to eight posts each month.
  • New: marketing funnel kickstart (lead magnet, autoresponder emails, EDMs, social media content, etc.)
  • Online store copy to win customers from the search engines with unique, keyword-optimized, targeted catalogue copy.

Your packages are written by a veteran copywriter, who literally wrote a book on marketing online. (Yes, literally. In 1998, I wrote one of the first business books for online sales, published by Allen & Unwin.)

Contact me here. Leave a phone number and I’ll call you on a day you nominate—you’ll be amazed at how quickly your marketing package generates clients and leads for you.

An example: blog starter package includes:

  • 2 blog pages: Home & About
  • 8 blog posts: 500 to 800 words.
  • Graphics.
  • Optional add-on:
    1 long form blog post, 1500 words: a “pillar” post

Blogging starter package


Ecommerce packages for your online store: powerful sales and other content


  • Reviews/ case studies
  • Email sequences
  • Long, authoritative content
  • Pitch decks

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Marketing packages available now