Fiction Exercises: When You’re Not In The Mood To Write

Not in the mood to write? Clearing your mind can be a challenge. Fiction exercises help to get you into the mood and trigger your imagination. Fiction exercises prime the pump: kickstart your imagination Experiment with these fiction exercises from Commercial Fiction Secrets: Plot Your Novel In 60 Minutes Or Less. They’ll help you to get into the mood to … Read more

New Writer: 3 Ways To Get Inspired And Write

Are you a new writer? You may be wondering whether a writing career is for you, because you can’t get started. Although you have ideas which seem brilliant, when you sit at your computer nothing happens. Start by building a writing habit. New writer? Build a writing habit You need a routine. When you have a routine, writing fits into … Read more

Write Fiction: 3 Ways To Write From Your Life

I’ve received some questions from readers who want to write fiction. When they try however, they find that they’re writing from their life. Is fictionalizing your experiences allowed? Of course it is. Most first novels are semi-autobiographical. Think of it this way. When you write fiction, you’re tapping into your emotions. Memory’s tied to emotion, so your own “stuff” will … Read more

Your Writing Business: 3 Ways To Get Back To Business Today

How’s your writing business coping? Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re well: determined to get back to work, no matter what else is happening. I’ve received some messages from writers who fear for their writing business. Worse: they’re horribly stressed. They don’t want to write. One writer said that he hasn’t written anything for a month. Remember … Read more