Obsidian And Writing: My Current Favorite Plugins

I’m a big fan of the Obsidian app, as you may know. It’s endlessly customizable and free for basic use. For the last three years it’s been an app I use every single day. Recently a student asked about my favorite Obsidian plugins for writing. Obsidian plugins: turn the app into your writing “home” (Feeling lost? For more info, visit … Read more

Obsidian Made Simple: 3 Easy Tips You Can Use Today

Obsidian Made Simple: 3 Easy Tips You Can Use Today

Over the past couple of years, I’ve depended on the Obsidian app because it’s made organizing my writing projects easier. Organization can be a challenge for any writer. Obsidian can link documents, so I use it to get organized at various stages of writing process, including: Research. Exploring ideas. Developing and drafting versions. Revision. It’s available for your favorite operating … Read more

Blogging Apps For Freelancers: Meet Deadlines, & Build Your Income

If you’re a freelancer who’s creating content for clients, blogging apps can not only help you to meet deadlines, they can help you to increase your income. Here’s why. Today, when you’re hired for a gig, you may be asked to manage a client’s social media accounts as well as their blog. With several clients, you’ll quickly lose track of … Read more