Write A Novel: 4 Tips To Achieve NaNoWriMo Success

Can YOU write a novel this November? It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo again. If you’re writing fiction, I hope these success tips will help you, whether or not you’re participating in NaNoWriMo. Let’s start with the most vital activity for any author… Write a novel one word and one minute at a time Here’s what I know after almost 40 … Read more

Organic Plotting A Series: Grow Your Plot While You Write

Wish plotting your fiction could be easier? If you’re struggling with plotting, try organic plotting. It’s my preferred plotting strategy and works brilliantly, especially if you’re writing a series. A couple of readers asked for plotting help. One reader has numerous unfinished novels: “I get to 20 pages and lose interest.” The other reader is ready to give up writing: … Read more

Writing and research. Thoughts? Ideas?

Our current writing programs focus mainly on fiction.

Next up: research strategies. Here’s why research skills are essential: ten minutes of research can take fiction (or nonfiction) from so-so to sensational.

But how much research do you need to do? And when? I’m prepping a class on simple, easy and powerful research strategies. If you have questions about aspects of researching, please let me know.

Fiction Writing Boost: 3 Strategies I Use Every Day

Fiction writing can be fun. Or torture. It’s your choice, because so much depends on your mindset while you’re writing. A week ago I chatted with one of my students. She wanted to delete her current novel: “I hate it so much I want to print it out to get the satisfaction of putting every page through my shredder.” No … Read more