New Writing Program: The Lightning Strategy

Professional writers can make $100,000 and more, a year, but there’s no need to feel envious. What if you could match those earnings? In fact

What If You Could Write Less Than You’re Writing Now, And Increase Your Income To Well Over Six Figures?

Hi fellow writer.

If you’re a struggling freelance writer, you may feel that it’s impossible for you to make a healthy income. Did you know that many earn a comfortable six figures?

You may be bidding endlessly on the freelance marketplaces, or spending hours each day applying for low-paying writing jobs.

Perhaps you’re a blogger, or a self-publishing author, who’s trying to find readers and make sales.

Every writing career takes time to become established. Careers can slump, too.

Today, there’s lots of competition. It’s stressful.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been where you are. Self-doubt creeps in. You wonder whether you should give up.

What if you could earn what you deserve?

You can. Here’s how.

Introducing our new writing program: Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day

It’s for you, if you’re dissatisfied and want more.

You’ll receive everything you need to not only write easily and well, but also to find clients and readers. Over four weeks, you’ll lay the strong foundations of a happy and profitable writing business.

  • Discover a process that removes self-doubt. Step by step, you’ll achieve the writing career you’ve always wanted.
  • Craft words which sell. Content for clients, or readers. Develop a “sales” mindset from go to whoa.
  • Leave the bidding wars behind. Attract top-tier clients who are willing to pay a premium for your services.
  • Get your writing done in just a few hours a day, leaving plenty of time for family and for yourself.

Download the entire program now; write at your own pace.

A program that’s crafted for you, no matter where you live in the world

As with our other programs, coaching is included. I’ve coached writers for 25 years, helping them to build successful, exciting careers. We’ll have a chat, via phone or email, and you’ll receive an Action Plan that’s crafted just for you.

You receive:

  • Lightning Strategy: 4 Weeks to $500 a Day. PDF, 58 pages. The powerful and practical process that’s easy to follow. Day by day, in just four weeks, you’ll develop the career you want.
  • Concurrently with the Lightning Strategy, or when you’ve completed your four weeks, discover the power of LinkedIn with: Get Started On LinkedIn In Just 7 Days: Achieve Your Goals and Boost Your Business. PDF, 73 pages. Build your presence on LinkedIn, the professional social media network. Make contacts and connections.
  • Ready for coaching? Complete your brief questionnaire (it’s in your package); it takes minutes. Send it back to us. You receive a full hour of coaching, as well as an Action Plan. (Coaching is a $400 value; you receive it as part of the program.)

What writers have said about this program

Comments include:

  • “Fun and practical. Ends confusion.”
  • “If you want to sell your books, Angela shows you how… With four books, I made sales rarely. Just 15 days into the program, I’m making daily sales, and writing more.”
  • “I’ve left the freelance marketplaces behind for good.”

Get started today

Start the program today; write at your pace. Coaching ensures that you know exactly what to do next, every day.

Watch your career grow.

Start now. Instant download from Gumroad.

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