Make Money Blogging: 4 Steps To Find The Perfect Niche

In our first post in this “make money blogging” series, we looked at turning your passions into income. To begin your journey to an income-generating blog, you need a blog topic, as well as your special slant on the topic. With luck, it will be a slant which is unique to you. Blog topics can be divided into “niches”, that … Read more

Blogging Income: Create A Product And Sell It In 24 Hours

You’ve got a blog, but where’s your blogging income? Back in 2017, I ran a Team Up group, mentoring writers who want to make money blogging. They were shocked when I pushed them to create a blogging income immediately, before they’d created content. One student, who was new to the training, already had a blog. Sort of. He’d been “developing” … Read more

Blog Research For Success: Find Blog Niches Fast

Did you know that blog research is essential for success if you want to create a successful blog? Not only do you need to explore potential blog niches, you also need to explore your potential audience, and monetization options. Over my 20-plus years of blogging, I’ve seen many bloggers tossing away time and money on blogs which won’t succeed. Before … Read more