5 Quick Blogging Tips You Can Use Today: Improve Your Blog

Looking for blogging tips to improve your blog? No matter how much you enjoy blogging, it’s easy to put it off. It’s no secret that I adore blogging; I created my first blogs in the late 1990s. My oldest extant blog is my writing blog, launched in 2004. But blogging takes time and energy. When I’m busy, it’s easy to … Read more

Motivation Monday: Two Writing Strategies And A Habit

It’s time for Motivation Monday again. The inspiration for this post comes from writers who promise that they’ll achieve their writing goals when they have more time. These writers tell me: “I’ll have lots of time to write when… the kids go to school; this summer vacation; when I retire, etc.” Sadly when the long-for event arrives, the writer rarely … Read more

How To Write A Book When You Have No Time: Use The 2-Minute Rule

No time to write a book? You need the two-minute rule, especially if you’re a procrastinator, as I am. Many writers struggle with procrastination. “I’m writing a book,” a writer says. But he can’t get started. Or, if he starts, he procrastinates and stops. The 2-minute rule can help you to write a book If you haven’t heard of the … Read more

Motivation Monday: The Trap Of Productivity For Writers

I’m a huge fan of everything productivity-related, especially productivity for writers. I can click my way around the web for minutes and hours on end, devotedly researching—hoping to find one magic strategy or trick. Here’s why: writing is hard work. When you’re researching, you’re not writing… However, you’re blithely certain that one day, really soon, you’ll find something which will … Read more