Procrastination Killer In 5 Steps: The Best Kickstart For Writing

Hate procrastination, but find yourself indulging in this dangerous habit? Me too. I’m always making excuses for procrastinating; my excuses feel legitimate at the time, even though they’re rubbish. Perhaps you make excuses too. Procrastination: you have many, many excuses My favorite excuses for not writing: “I don’t know enough.” I decide to call someone. This person never has time … Read more

Writing Journal: Enhance Your Productivity With 2 Useful Apps

Wish you could be more productive? Your writing journal can help. You can use your journal to relieve stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines. A former writing student contacted me recently about procrastination. She said: “I’ve got too many deadlines. I’m ready to quit writing and get a day job. Is there an app which could help … Read more

Improve Your Productivity With Timers: 4 Tips To Help

Improve Your Productivity With Timers: 4 Tips To Help

Want to improve your productivity? Try this simple strategy: use timers. If you are a Pomodoro fan, you’ve discovered the benefits of focusing for 25 minutes at a time, but you can use timers in other ways too. My favorite timer-productivity strategy takes just five minutes. Improve your productivity in five minutes Here’s what Francesco Cirillo, the developer of the … Read more

5 Quick Blogging Tips You Can Use Today: Improve Your Blog

Looking for blogging tips to improve your blog? No matter how much you enjoy blogging, it’s easy to put it off. It’s no secret that I adore blogging; I created my first blogs in the late 1990s. My oldest extant blog is my writing blog, launched in 2004. But blogging takes time and energy. When I’m busy, it’s easy to … Read more