Editing Fiction: 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Scenes

Do you wish that editing fiction could be easier? Many authors struggle with editing, because at this stage, you’re dealing with logic, as well as imagination. Thinking logically can challenging, because when you’re writing, you’re imagining. Logic requires a different mindset; you’re looking at your fiction as a reader, rather than a writer. Before you read the tips, if you … Read more

Plotting Fiction: 3 Tips To Help You To Plot Like Shakespeare

Hate plotting fiction? Me too, at times. Why not do what Shakespeare did? He “stole” plots, as many, many authors do. “Stealing” your plot takes the pressure off. You can focus on building your characters and setting, and developing conflict. Plotting fiction: plots you can steal In Plotting Made Simple: The One-Hour Plotting Strategy, I outlined my usual strategy: Over … Read more

Create Drama In Your Fiction: Balance Good And Evil Characters

How do you create drama in your fiction? When I coach fiction authors, it’s often simple to make their novels more exciting. Many authors fall into the trap of creating perfect characters. You need to give your characters flaws, and I suggested: (Although) it’s advisable not to use your family and friends when writing fiction… you can use people’s flaws—and … Read more