Make Writing Fiction Fun: Discover The Instant Plotting Strategy

Make Writing Fiction Fun: Discover The Instant Plotting Strategy

Hate plotting? Discover an endless source of wonderful, instant plots.

Even Shakespeare used instant plots.

You can use them too.

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About the Book

You’re writing fiction, and I’m sure you’re wondering about the title: what’s the “instant plotting” strategy?

Here’s the secret to instant plotting: use public domain materials to find a readymade plot. You can use this material freely, and make it your own.

Many bestsellers are written in this way. If you’ve read one of these novels, chances are that you never suspected.

Even Shakespeare used instant plots.

All the plots you’ll ever need

The public domain is vast, and it’s packed with readymade, “instant” plots and characters.

Canny corporation that it is, Disney recycles public domain stories, as do many other companies and writers. Disney has used materials in the public domain for many years, creating wonderful stories loved my millions.

In Make Writing Fiction Fun: Discover The Instant Plotting Strategy, you’ll discover not only what comprises the public domain, but also how to use it as a resource for writing  fiction and plotting.

This book will help you if you’re:

– Looking for great stories with marvelous plots and characters to make your own.

– A new fiction author and don’t know where to start.

– An established author, who wants a new challenge. Many bestselling authors have written books which have their genesis in public domain materials.

– Looking for readymade audiences. Did you know that there’s an entirely new genre, Jane Austen retellings? These books sell, because readers who love Austen want more.

– Keen to learn the craft of fiction. Allow the famous authors who wrote the classics to teach you.

In this book I’m NOT suggesting that you use this free-to-use material as-is. (Although there’s nothing wrong with that.)

You can use the material in many ways, and we’ll look at several.

Have fun with these strategies. 🙂

Genre: Writing fiction
Tags: self-publishing, sell your writing, write a novel
Publisher: Angela Booth
Publication Year: 2024
eBook Price: 6.99
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