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Ghostwriter Angela Booth Brings Autobiographies, Memoirs, and Nonfiction to Life

April 26, 2023: For anyone who’s struggling to write a book, a professional ghostwriter is an invaluable guide and assistant.

Ghostwriting Program For Authors Who Love Writing Fiction

February 14, 2023: Novelists have a skill that is in demand: fiction ghostwriting. Many are now turning their writing into a side hustle, or a full-time home business.


Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy for Small Business in 2023

January 31, 2023: Many small businesses are struggling with lower marketing budgets this year. Copywriter Angela Booth helps them to do more with their current content so that they can boost leads and sales.


New Social Media Training: Build a Brand and Make Sales

July 29, 2022: Today, more than half the globe uses social media. A presence on their chosen networks is essential for businesses, both large and small. However, this can be a challenging prospect.


New Book Marketing Solution for Busy Authors

June 21, 2022: Today, no author can hope to sell his books without promoting them. However, many authors find the process challenging and aren’t sure where to start.


New Writing Program for Professional Writers Who Want to Build Strong Careers

June 9, 2022: Angela Booth’s new nonfiction ghostwriting program is available. It’s for freelancers who want to develop a hassle-free writing career, offering services that are in high demand.

The Executive Bio: A Vital Brand And Reputation Management Tool

April 17, 2022: What’s an executive bio? Most commonly thought of as an accompaniment to a résumé, an executive bio is much more.


Innovative Copy and Content Packs for Small Businesses

March 30, 2022: Businesses spend a lot of time worrying about content. An Australian copywriter has launched a time-saving option: copy and content in packages.


A Savvy Book Marketing Strategy for Self-Publishing Authors

March 4, 2022: The strategic release of short stories and novellas has become a popular promotional strategy for traditionally-published authors, as well as indie authors.

Professional Ghostwriter Offers New Service For Publishers

September 18, 2021: Amazon’s Kindle Vella has stimulated fresh interest in serial fiction among authors.

New Writing Guide Helps Authors To Write Novels Readers Love

September 6, 2021: Angela has written a new writing guide for fiction authors who want to sell more book.

Content Marketing Strategy For Holiday Sales: Tips From A Copywriter

July 14, 2021: With fewer than eight weeks before sales begin, businesses should prepare now, Angela Booth suggests.

Advice to Conquer Competition And Make Sales With Content Marketing

July 4, 2021: The holiday sales push is just weeks away, beginning in October. Is your company ready? Angela is helping companies to strategize content now. A few simple website changes could make all the difference.

Veteran Copywriter Offers Book Publicity Services For Authors

June 28, 2021: Angela Booth offers book publicity services to support self-publishers as well as traditionally-published authors.

Social Media Marketing: Angela Booth Announces New Packages For Small Business

June 22, 2021: Professional copywriter Angela Booth has developed social media manager marketing packages to help businesses to leverage their time and receive more value.