Writing Fiction: 4 Unusual Ways To Find Ideas Which Inspire You

Bored? When you’re writing fiction, it’s easy to lose inspiration. You’re not in the mood to write. Worse, you feel like trashing your current novel and forgetting all about fiction forever. You need fresh ideas. Writing fiction: find ideas Ideas are everywhere. In this post, Public Domain & Self-Publishing: Be Like Disney, Craft A Bestseller, we looked at gaining inspiration … Read more

Writing Journal: Enhance Your Productivity With 2 Useful Apps

Wish you could be more productive? Your writing journal can help. You can use your journal to relieve stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines. A former writing student contacted me recently about procrastination. She said: “I’ve got too many deadlines. I’m ready to quit writing and get a day job. Is there an app which could help … Read more

Writing Tip For Motivation Monday: The Attention Secret

Writing Tip For Motivation Monday: The Attention Secret

It’s time for this week’s motivational writing tip. I’m currently rereading Anthony Trollope’s Palliser novels for the umpteenth time, and since many authors are tackling NaNoWriMo, this quote from Trollope’s autobiography is appropriate: “When I have commenced a new book, I have always prepared a diary, divided into weeks, and carried it on for the period which I have allowed … Read more