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Want to save money and time — and get more sales automatically? Content services to the rescue. Discover helpful SEO content. Google loves it, because it means you’re planning your content and SEO around helping your customers.

Content services offered by Angela Booth

SEO content and content strategy: more attention means more customers

“SEO”: search engine optimization.

SEO means:

  • Attention
  • Customers
  • Fans

and then…

You gain even more attention, because you now have FANS who draw attention to you.

Everything starts with SEO, but it’s not enough. Your content must be helpful for your audience, or you won’t get visitors.

SEO content and content strategy: more attention means more customers

SEO begins with content, and content marketing.

Think of content marketing as free advertising.

Content marketing: it’s free advertising

I love content. You can base an entire business on it.

Why do I say it’s “free advertising?” Because it’s an investment rather than an expense. With minor tweaks, the evergreen content you create for your business this year will still be working for you next year.

In a survey of 1500 companies by SEMRUSH, 84% said they had a content strategy.

Do you have a content strategy?

Advertising is expensive. Content is an investment in your business

As every business owner knows, advertising costs. And those costs keep rising. The problem: when you stop paying, your ads stop.

Promotional content isn’t like that. You pay for the content once and use it forever.

Your challenge: developing powerful content for your business and using that content…

I can hear you sighing and grinding your teeth. I know you don’t have time to create content. Yes, it’s an investment. It will pay for itself many times over. Over time.

So, onward with advertising. Even though it’s not as effective and your audience distrust it, advertising is all you have.

But what if you had a reliable content provider on call to provide the content services you need today?

Content services from a professional writer

I (Angela Booth) provide many content services. My own business is built on content; over the years, I’ve provided content for companies tiny and huge, all over the globe.

My book, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, published by Allen & Unwin in 1998, was one of the first internet business books.

Here’s the question I ask my clients: “What results do you want?” Content can provide it. Perhaps you want to gain visibility: draw the attention of your target audiences and keep it. Or perhaps you want increased sales.

Content services tailored to what you need

Services I provide include…

  • Inbound marketing: blog & social media content. (From someone who’s blogged since 1998.)
  • Thought-leader articles in your favorite media. (From an experienced magazine writer, published in mass market magazines as well as trade mags.)
  • Long-form content: upwards of 2,000 words. (For pillar posts on your website, or to inform your customers… How you use long-form content is up to you. I’ve written and ghostwritten books for major publishers, as well as self-publishing my own books, so well-searched, must-read, and entertaining long-form content comes naturally to me.)
  • Press releases and media packs. (Yes, press releases still work. Today you speak directly to your audience, rather than to the media.)
  • Executive bios, promotional materials and resumes. (Get the job you want, or negotiate a salary increase. If you’re the owner of a startup, you need a bio which sells you and your business.)
  • Website content, including autoresponder sequences and newsletters. (Make the more sales when you make the most of your mailing list.)
  • SEO content: articles, website pages, guest posts and more. (Ensure your website delivers sales 24x7x365.)
  • Social media content: build your Facebook pages; your company’s Twitter account; your presence on Instagram.
  • Lead magnets: ebooks, books, white papers, slide decks and presentations.
  • Word-of-mouth content: customer interviews, product reviews, FAQ pages, and more. Deliver engaging proof from your fans to win new business.

Whether you have a project ready to go, or want to discuss your options, I’ll deliver a customized solution quickly.

Get an estimate for a customized solution FAST (I specialize in fast turnaround content)

Is your project small? Perhaps you need a media package, some SEO content, or an executive bio. Small projects have a rapid turnaround of 24 to 72 hours, research time included.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re pulling together the resources for a big project. Hiring providers can be a hassle. My relationships with developers, designers, illustrators and marketers can relieve you of the pressures of managing a team, so you can concentrate on your business.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Let’s chat.

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Content services: get an estimate for a customized solution FAST