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Social media: are you making the most of your social media (SM) presence?

Today, few companies can ignore social media marketing. Some 91% of US businesses use social media channels (source: Many Australian companies are all-in with social media marketing too.

What are the fundamental benefits of social media marketing?

The benefits include:

  • Visibility: you can attract customers. Not only can customers find you via social media, they appreciate a social media presence. They can learn more about your products, they can get questions answered too.
  • Interest: potential customers see your name; a social media channel develops awareness and begins building a relationship, as well as increasing your reach.
  • A better return on your advertising spend. Social media marketing increases the contact customers have with your brand (touchpoints.)
  • You can develop insights to improve your marketing and your products.

However, although SM has benefits, there are challenge for many companies.

The big challenges:

  • Time and money. You need to spend time on SM, or devote money to it. A social media manager is ideal. Alternatively, you can outsource SM marketing.
  • Content, content… When and how can you develop content for your channels?
  • Return on Investment (ROI.) To gain ROI from social media, you need to set goals and track results. Although you can assign a junior staff member (or an intern) to manage your SM marketing, the results are unlikely to be stellar.

A social media manager can help.

Do you need a social media manager?

I (Angela) offer social media marketing services.

In addition, I’ve developed several packages of social media management services designed to help you to meet your business’s goals. Packages are customized to meet your challenges, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Every business has unique challenges and competitors.

Packages include:

  • Sales generator package: helps you to develop leads and make sales.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) package: wins traffic to your website and builds your mailing list.
  • Brand enhancer, designed to (pardon the expression) win friends and influence people. This package boosts your brand or kickstarts your branding.

Packages are created month by month.

Each month, you’ll decide on a fresh marketing campaign. I’ll develop the content, for your review. Once you’re happy, I’ll post the materials to your channels. If your package includes blog posts, you’ll review those in draft format before they’re posted.

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How the social media management process works

After we chat about your business goals and the ROI you can expect, I’ll research your business environment.

Next, I’ll develop package just for you, delivered in a report.

The report outlines my research on your environment, as well as strategies and recommendations. It also includes a description of your customized package (number of channels, number of posts etc.) and an estimate of ROI.

Our discussion about your business goals is completely without obligation. Your SM report however is a valuable strategy designed for your business, so it’s chargeable.

Could your business benefit from an expert social media manager? Let’s chat: contact me.