Copywriting Services: Marketing, Branding, And Sales

Copywriting Services: Marketing, Branding, And Sales

Copywriting turns words to profits.

A copywriter writes advertising, and more… Anytime you want to sell something, or persuade someone of something, hire a copywriter.

We copywriters will happily write anything. In the past week, my copywriting projects included web copy, an executive bio, plus a concept for a product launch.

Copywriting Services from Angela Booth

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My copywriting revelation: when I discovered that copywriting could rescue a beleaguered business

Way back in the mists of time, I considered myself a writer; a part-time novelist.

One day, on behalf of my then-boss, I whizzed off a snarky Letter To The Editor of a trade magazine. Responses to that letter came in an unexpected form. I wasn’t fired, nor did I ignite controversy. Instead, my boss’s business fortunes changed. His business thrived. I thrived too; I developed a side business writing marketing and advertising materials.

On the strength the press materials I wrote for my boss, he won lots of media coverage, including a regular spot on a popular TV show. Within a short time, his business friends hired me to write press releases, advertising, and direct mail.

Suddenly, I was a copywriter.

I’ve never forgotten the power of words to turn around a business within hours.

Want your business to thrive?

Hire a copywriter.

Marketing communications plant the seeds of profits: hire a copywriter

Words sell, as long as they’re the right words.

A copywriter needs an understanding not only of your business and products, but also of your target market, as well as an ability to engage your market. Today, much more business is done online. Your website and marketing communications are vitally important.

I love learning about a business and helping to improve sales.

(All our communication is confidential, of course.)

Got a copywriting project in the works? Ask for a proposal

In 1998, I wrote one of the first books on doing business on the internet, for Allen & Unwin. I’ve sold my own and others’ products online and offline since 2002.

If you need copywriting services; get in touch. (Proposals and advice are obligation-free.)

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