Writing Tools: Save Time, Save Energy With Markdown

For freelancers, time is money: your money if you’re charging by the project, clients’ money if you charge by the hour. You need writing tools to easily switch text between formats. One of my freelance writing students recently talked about the hassle of converting her content between HTML, MS Word, PDF etc for her clients. “Are you using a Markdown … Read more

Weekly Offerings: Blogging Maestro

This week’s offering: Blogging Maestro: Blog Mentoring For New And Established Bloggers, as a six-week class. Mentoring will still be private. However, study and reference materials will be sent to everyone in class.

This offering is open for one week, until Sunday, October 11. Join us: we’d love to have you. If you’d like a weekly subscription payment option, contact me. Subscribe for six weeks, at $85 per week.

Get Paid To Write Blogs: Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

Could you get paid to write blogs? Many bloggers begin as hobbyists, then wonder whether they can turn their hobby into a business. Ashley (not her real name) was furloughed and wanted to develop a side hustle. She enjoys blogging and social media, but attempts to monetize her blog failed. When I reviewed Ashley’s blog, I realized she had several … Read more

Blog Research For Success: Find Blog Niches Fast

Did you know that blog research is essential for success if you want to create a successful blog? Not only do you need to explore potential blog niches, you also need to explore your potential audience, and monetization options. Over my 20-plus years of blogging, I’ve seen many bloggers tossing away time and money on blogs which won’t succeed. Before … Read more

Instant Publishing Via Your Blog: Keep Customers Updated

Your blog is a form of instant publishing. Imagine how shocked Gutenberg would be if he lived today. You can transmit your words instantly, to people in your neighborhood and all over the globe. Anyone who wants to know what’s happening in your business just needs to visit your website. Most of us have felt stressed and disoriented over the … Read more