Create A Writing Habit: 90 Days Of Fiction Prompts

Create A Writing Habit: 90 Days Of Fiction Prompts

In this transformative 90-day journey, fiction prompts inspire your imagination.

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About the Book

Build a writing habit today

Have you ever experienced the crippling terror of the blank page? That frustrating feeling of having plenty of ideas in your mind, but being unable to put them on paper?

If you sometimes feel like this, “Create A Writing Habit: 90 Days Of Fiction Prompts” helps you to conquer page fright and develop a consistent and fun writing routine.

Author and writing teacher, Angela Booth, shares her personal struggles with page fright. She teaches a simple solution: daily writing exercises. These exercises act as a warmup, breaking the barrier between a mind teeming with ideas and an empty screen.

In this transformative 90-day journey, your prompts inspire your imagination. Soon page fright departs. You now have a new habit: words and ideas will flow onto the page.

Enjoy. Acquiring a writing habit has never been as much fun.


Genre: Writing fiction
Tag: writing skills
Publisher: Angela Booth
Publication Year: 2023
eBook Price: 6.99
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