Content Marketing: The Best Reason To Use It, Starting Today

Today, most businesses use content marketing for promotion. However, few businesses use it to its fullest potential. (BTW, I include my business in the “few”—I could do a lot better.) Let’s look at a couple of statistics. From Hubspot’s excellent post on digital marketing statistics: “82% of marketers actively use content marketing.” Sadly, on the same page: 56% of marketers … Read more

Professional Writing Tip: Embrace Failure, It Builds Your Success

Here’s my writing tip of the week: keep writing until you succeed. Failure is only feedback—and failure is the only way you’ll succeed. You can’t avoid failure, so embrace it. I’m offering this insight to you because I’ve had a week of writers telling me that whatever they’re doing (self-publishing, content marketing, blogging etc) “isn’t working.” One self-publishing author said: … Read more

Make Money Writing: 4 Popular Questions And Answers

Do you want to make money using your writing skills? I receive many questions about how to get started, what fees to charge, self-publishing and pen names… The most popular question is: can you make money with a writing business? Can you make money with a writing business? Yes, you can. If you check any of the freelance marketplaces, such … Read more

Your Writing Business: 3 Powerful Ways To Conquer A Slump

Is your writing business in a slump? Slow times happen to every business, including all writing businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer, a blogger, or a self-publishing author, slumps happen. Avoid panic—you can recover. To conquer a slump, focus on your daily activities, as well as on planning. Before you know it, your business will be growing again. Why daily activities? … Read more

Freelance Writing: Use These Savvy Ideas To Get Gigs Fast

Interested in freelance writing? Opportunities for freelancers abound. Of course, there are pitfalls. Many can be avoided if you know what benefits you provide your clients, and how to get known to prospective clients. A big tip: it takes time to build a freelance writing business; you need to become known for what you do. So, although there are more … Read more