A Writing Niche: What Is It? Do You Need One?

If you’re a new freelance writer, you’ve heard writers discuss their niche. So, what’s a writing niche? Should you focus on a specific niche, or go your own way? Basically, a freelance writing niche is a specialty. It’s an area in which the writer is knowledgeable and experienced. It could be a form of writing, such as copywriting, or a … Read more

AI And Writing: Time For Writers To Upskill To A New World?

Spooky. If you’ve been hoping that AI would just go away and leave you to write in peace, recent news stories suggest that it might be time to pay attention. And upskill. I’m not suggesting that you use ChatGPT or a similar generative text AI tool to do your writing for you. If you’re a professional writer, you know better, … Read more

ChatGPT And Others: Can AI Improve Your Writing?

Over the past weeks, I’ve received a slew of questions from former and current students about ChatGPT and how AI apps will affect professional writers. Writers are concerned. Are we all doomed? Questions include: Will our clients desert us? Can AI write fiction, and will readers stop reading our novels? What should we tell clients who ask us to use … Read more

Freelance Writing Gigs On LinkedIn: 2 Savvy Starter Tips

If you’re looking for freelance writing gigs and think about social media, you focus on the sites you know: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everyone you know is on Facebook, and if you’re a self-publishing author, you love Instagram. Twitter’s useful too, for quick chats. But what about LinkedIn? Perhaps, like me, you’ve looked at the professional networking site as too … Read more

Write Articles: Use This Strategy Now To Achieve Your Goals

Do you write articles? If you’re a content creator, you’re accustomed to writing articles for websites and publications. As a content marketing strategy, article content works for your clients, who pay you to write. However, you may not have considered that if it works for your clients, it can work for you. Search Engine Journal has useful statistics about content … Read more