Writing Prompts: Get Creative And Inspire YOUR Fiction Today

Do you enjoy writing prompts? They make excellent warmups, allowing your mind to drift easily into a “writing” state—you’re busily writing your current project before your resistance and inner editor try to stop you. Writing prompts: conquer resistance in five minutes Resistance can be tricky, so avoid looking for reasons: … (resistance) can also dress itself up in fancy clothes: … Read more

New Writer? 5 Steps To A Powerful Workflow (End Procrastination)

If you’re a new writer, you need a powerful workflow—one that works for any situation. Of course, established writers need good workflows too, otherwise you’ll miss deadlines, or you’ll waste hours each week in procrastination. When I mentor new freelance writers, I remind them that everything takes longer when you’re starting out. You’re learning. Within a month or two, you’ll … Read more

Plotting Fiction: 3 Tips To Help You To Plot Like Shakespeare

Hate plotting fiction? Me too, at times. Why not do what Shakespeare did? He “stole” plots, as many, many authors do. “Stealing” your plot takes the pressure off. You can focus on building your characters and setting, and developing conflict. Plotting fiction: plots you can steal In Plotting Made Simple: The One-Hour Plotting Strategy, I outlined my usual strategy: Over … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Savvy Tips To Power Through First Drafts

Do you find writing fiction challenging? First drafts can be chaotic. If you manage to find your way through your first draft, you need to organize your revision and edits, while maintaining your inspiration. Many authors fear chaos, including my writing students, until they become aware that chaos is inevitable when you’re writing a first draft. Your initial draft is … Read more