New, Self-Publishing: Franchise Your Fiction: Create Bestsellers

Struggling with self-publishing your fiction? Self-publishing is wonderful for authors. You don’t need literary agents, acquisitions editors, et al. But… Many thousands of new novels are published each and every week. Each novel has a hopeful author, who’s struggling to win readers. Stop struggling. Build a relationship with your readers, instead. Self-publishing: build a relationship with your readers How do … Read more

Fiction Writing Tips: 3 Beginners’ Blunders You Can Fix Today

Looking for fiction writing tips? Occasionally, when we look at our current fiction project, we know that there’s something wrong, but what? Let’s look at three beginners’ fiction blunders, and the writing tips to fix each of them. By the way: established authors make these blunders too. It’s easy to make a blunder when you’re caught up in writing. Writing … Read more