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Angela Booth

Hello. I’m your communications genie, providing the content and expertise you need.

Professional words: copywriting, ghostwriting, and much more

Words (and images) for…

Copywriting: compelling, persuasive words that inspire your audience to action. Copywriting can boost your brand visibility, improve conversion rates, and increase sales. You need someone who understands business demands: your audience’s needs and desires.

Ghostwriting: ghostwriters are the invisible source of articles, books, speeches, and much more. A ghostwriter shapes and polishes your ideas and stories, helping you to share your knowledge and insights. A ghostwriter can help you to gain thought leadership and develop a powerful brand.

Content marketing is a strategy. You create and distribute valuable, relevant content that attracts the audience you choose, building trust, establishing authority, and driving business growth. Content marketing isn’t copywriting. That is, it’s not direct selling. It gives value so that you turn prospects into buyers.

Company blogging: share your company’s story, insights, and knowledge. Your blog enhances visibility, fosters trust and credibility, and creates a loyal community. Of course, it’s also a gold mine for SEO.

Social media: engage with your audience in real time. More than just a promotional tool; it’s a chance to build relationships and win valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behavior. Get customer feedback, so that you respond quickly to your customers’ needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Publishing: bring your message to life. Reach a broader audience to increase your influence.

That’s what I do.

Now, a little about me, if you’re wondering how I gained my expertise.

Who am I and how did I start a writing business?

I started my writing career as a romance novelist for the UK publisher MacDonald-Futura in the 1980s. I also wrote business books for traditional publishers like Prentice Hall and Australian publisher Allen & Unwin.

My minor claim to fame: in the late 1990s I wrote one of the first books about using the internet for business for the publishing house Allen & Unwin. The book was way before its time.

Writing leads to more writing, so I stumbled into copywriting and ghostwriting, both by accident, as a result of writing for mass-market magazines and publishing books.

Over my years as a copywriter and ghostwriter, I’ve written for companies large and small, as well as for individuals. Companies included Nyx Cosmetics and hp.

Blogging fascinated me; I started my earliest blogs in the late 1990s, long before blogging was fashionable. In 2004 the business world discovered blogs, so I ghostwrote company blogs for several years.

Also in the 1990s, I started to teach writing. Firstly in community colleges, then after 2002, online.

Currently, my primary focus is on my copywriting and ghostwriting clients, as well as on publishing, and my writing students.

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