Content Creation Ideas: 3 Tips For An Instant Creativity Boost

Content Creation Ideas: 3 Tips For An Instant Creativity Boost

Need some quick ideas for content creation? No matter how creative you are, everyone has days when the ideas won’t come. Every idea you consider seems trite. Your head’s stuffed full of cotton wool. To ensure that you can create content anytime, anywhere, create your own Content Idea Bank. Instant content creation ideas: create a Content Idea Bank A Content … Read more

What’s Content Creation? Make Content Work For You

“What’s content creation?” is a popular question, because content is hot. Content not only makes money if you sell it (books, movies), content creation has become an essential marketing strategy for companies and organizations large and small. Content can be anything from a tiny tweet, to a huge blockbuster novel or movie. In defining content, Google includes these definitions: The … Read more

Content Creation: SEO For Beginners And Latest SEO News

Looking for ways to improve content creation for your freelance writing clients? Today’s writers struggle to keep up with challenges in Search engine optimization (SEO.) Just on its own, SEO can be a challenge. You can find yourself struggling with the needs of your readers as well as the needs of search engines. As for keeping up with the latest … Read more