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No time to write?

Here’s a secret: all those celebrities and influencers who seem to be everywhere, and get so much done? (A whisper in your ear: they hire ghostwriters, often large teams of ghostwriters.)

I offer ghostwriting services for projects as short as an article, or a video script, or as long as a novel or nonfiction book. Everything is crafted in your voice, so it sounds like you. No one will ever know you hired someone.

Ghostwriting services: no-hands writing and publishing made easy

Writing takes time, not only for the writing, but also for researching, and editing to get your writing into its final form.

My extensive ghostwriting services include:

  • Articles: print and web. Build your reputation with thought-leader articles for major publications, or for your personal or company blog;
  • Books: fiction and nonfiction. Done for you, from initial idea to publication;
  • Business materials: business plans, pitch decks, and proposals;
  • Other ghostwriting services, include: speeches, video and podcast scripts, and presentations.

New ghostwriting service: serial fiction

I love writing short fiction, and serial fiction. Readers enjoy serial fiction today, as they’ve done for centuries.

Formerly, I wrote serials for my own publishing catalogue, under several pen names. When a client asked me to write a serial for him, my assistant suggested that because serials can be challenging, I offer a serial-writing service for clients.

If you’re interested in publishing a serial in these genres: romance, historical romance, mysteries, and thrillers, I’m happy to help. These are the genres I’m most comfortable writing. However, whatever the genre, if you’re interested, contact me.

Want to write serials yourself? They’re fun to write and readers enjoy them, so check out my book, Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks.

Ghostwriting and book publishing services: choose your format

I offer two forms of ghostwriting/ book publishing services: traditional publishing, or self-publishing:

  • Traditional publishing services. They include your ghostwritten book, as well as a comprehensive 30-page book proposal, and a query letter to send to agents/ commissioning editors at publishing houses. (If you wish, we can submit to agents and publishers on your behalf.)
  • Self-publishing services: ebook and Print On Demand (POD). This option includes book formatting and covers. Optionally we can publicize and market your new book too.

Business writing services: speeches, pitch decks, proposals, business plans…

I’ve been writing for business clients for many years. Recently, I’ve been writing YouTube scripts, and podcast scripts for influencers.

How it works: tell me what you need

The ghostwriting process is simple. Tell me what you need and I’ll write it for you, with your input.

My clients are all busy, so although we’ll need to chat (the phone is fine), I’ll take as little of your time as I can.

I specialize in fast-turnaround copy, so if you need it fast, I can deliver within 24 hours or less.

Who am I? A veteran copywriter, author, and publisher

My first book (a novel) was published in by British publisher Macdonald Futura many years ago. I’ve ghostwritten materials for companies large and small.

In the 1990s, my publisher, Prentice Hall, asked me to contribute chapters to books. Next, I accepted book ghostwriting commissions, both from publishers and from clients.

I’ve been happily ghostwriting ever since.

My process:

  • We chat, and discuss your needs;
  • I develop a concept and outline for your review;
  • I write the first draft for your input, then write the final copy.

Hiring a ghostwriter is simple. You’ll get more done, painlessly.

Get in touch today, confidentially

All of our interactions are confidential. Contact me, via the handy form at the end of the page, or DM me on Twitter: @angee.

Please include your phone number on the form if you’d like me to call you. Proposals, advice, and quotations on your project are free.

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