Product Creation: Avoid A Pitfall So You Can Create & Sell Faster

Interested in product creation? If you’re a creative entrepreneur, such as a blogger, a writer, or a designer, you know your audience wants products they can buy. They may message you, enquiring whether you have a product related to something mentioned on social media, or related to something about which you blogged. It might seem a no-brainer to create a … Read more

ChatGPT And Others: Can AI Improve Your Writing?

Over the past weeks, I’ve received a slew of questions from former and current students about ChatGPT and how AI apps will affect professional writers. Writers are concerned. Are we all doomed? Questions include: Will our clients desert us? Can AI write fiction, and will readers stop reading our novels? What should we tell clients who ask us to use … Read more

Creativity: Use The 10-Minute Miracle To Become More Creative

How does creativity work? Everyone has a theory, including psychologists, neuroscientists, and researchers. When I asked ChatGPT, the Mystic Meg of our times, how does creativity work? It responded in a few hundred words, the gist of which was: “Overall, creativity is a complex and multifaceted process that involves various cognitive, neural, and contextual factors.” Yes, but if you ask … Read more

Fast And Easy Digital Product Creation & Sales: 4 Practical Tips

Need a little extra in your pocket? Consider creating digital products. There’s never been a better time. With layoffs in the news, it’s time to make money where you can. Consider joining the creator economy, and create stuff to sell. Create small digital products, until you’re sure you have buyers Avoid spending months creating a wonderful product that doesn’t sell. … Read more

Short Stories: 3 Simple Ways To Write Short Fiction And Profit

It’s hardly a secret that I love writing and selling short stories and novellas, so I get questions. The most common question: can you really make an income writing short fiction? For many authors, “fiction” means novels. I understand. For years, until I became a copywriter and stepped out of my author bubble, I assumed that real writers wrote novels. Somehow … Read more