Sell Your Writing Today: 8 Fun And Savvy Copywriting Tips To Help

Want to sell your writing? Today, it’s essential that you put a little effort into promoting your writing, even if you hate self-promotion. (More on that in a moment.) As a freelance writer, you’re competing with writers from all over the world. If you’re a self-publishing author, millions of books compete for attention on Amazon and elsewhere. Copywriting (promotional writing) … Read more

Freelance Writing: Start Today With 5 Powerful Strategies

Want to develop a freelance writing business? As a freelancer, everything you do works together to help you to build your brand and platform. Freelance writing: build your brand and platform There’s a lot of waffle around brands and platforms. In a nutshell: Brand: your reputation; Platform: your readership. You’ll build your brand with everything you do, so aim for … Read more

Plotting Fiction: 3 Tips To Help You To Plot Like Shakespeare

Hate plotting fiction? Me too, at times. Why not do what Shakespeare did? He “stole” plots, as many, many authors do. “Stealing” your plot takes the pressure off. You can focus on building your characters and setting, and developing conflict. Plotting fiction: plots you can steal In Plotting Made Simple: The One-Hour Plotting Strategy, I outlined my usual strategy: Over … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Savvy Tips To Power Through First Drafts

Do you find writing fiction challenging? First drafts can be chaotic. If you manage to find your way through your first draft, you need to organize your revision and edits, while maintaining your inspiration. Many authors fear chaos, including my writing students, until they become aware that chaos is inevitable when you’re writing a first draft. Your initial draft is … Read more

Create Drama In Your Fiction: Balance Good And Evil Characters

How do you create drama in your fiction? When I coach fiction authors, it’s often simple to make their novels more exciting. Many authors fall into the trap of creating perfect characters. You need to give your characters flaws, and I suggested: (Although) it’s advisable not to use your family and friends when writing fiction… you can use people’s flaws—and … Read more