Sell Your Writing Today: 8 Fun And Savvy Copywriting Tips To Help

Want to sell your writing? Today, it’s essential that you put a little effort into promoting your writing, even if you hate self-promotion. (More on that in a moment.) As a freelance writer, you’re competing with writers from all over the world. If you’re a self-publishing author, millions of books compete for attention on Amazon and elsewhere. Copywriting (promotional writing) … Read more

Marketing Your Writing Is Simple If You Avoid A Dangerous Pitfall

Do you struggle with marketing your writing? What if I told you that avoiding ONE dangerous pitfall could help you to succeed with your next book, blog, or freelance writing service? Marketing your writing: the pitfall you can avoid Here’s the pitfall: marketing without a concept. A “concept” is combo of an idea and a plan, and it’s always short; … Read more

Content Marketing, SEO And Websites: 4 Practical Tips To Make Sales

In today’s business world, powerful strategies like content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) help websites to get found and make sales. Neither is magic. To use the two strategies above, you need a foundation: you need to know what you’re selling and to whom you’re selling it. You’re relying on the search engines to get found by those who … Read more

Content Creation For Ecommerce: 3 Practical Tips To Sell More

If you sell online, content creation and marketing can be your most powerful sales tool. Done well, you’ll make sales 24 x 7. Whether you’re in charge of marketing for a big company, or own a micro business, it’s likely that before 2020, you paid little attention to ecommerce and online sales. Today, you’re aware of content and want to … Read more

Big Copywriting Secret: When You’re Writing Copy, Remember It

Even if you’re not a copywriter, there’s a big copywriting secret you need to know. BTW, by copywriting, I mean writing advertising materials: advertising copy is meant persuade. With any luck at all, this persuasion leads to an action… The action is the goal of the copy. The copywriting secret applies to ALL your copy, but first… Before we get … Read more