Blogging Services: Customized For You

Blogging Services: Customized For You

Build visibility, win fans

Company blogs come into and out of fashion.

Blogs are back, once more.

Your blog…

  • Helps people to get to know you: people do business with people they know;
  • Supports your marketing goals and advertising. Blog content outlasts your advertising too. (Advertising stops once you stop paying for it.)
  • Answers questions;
  • When content is optimized, each blog post builds your company’s search engine visibility and gets you to the top of Google’s rankings;
  • Provides you with shareable ideas and content for social media…

As powerful as blogging can be, it takes time.

Bespoke blogging services from me, Angela Booth

I started my first blog shortly after Allen & Unwin published my book, Making The internet Work For Your Business, in 1998. The book was one of the first “Internet business” books.

Over the past couple of decades, not only have I created blogs for myself on many topics, I’ve blogged for many business clients. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog is the oldest blog I still own; it’s been online since 2004.

Blogging services include:

  • Individual posts targeted to meet your marketing goals (with SEO);
  • A blogging strategy for your business, with an audit of content you already have; an editorial calendar; a style guide; social media integration, and a marketing plan;
  • Competition research, with a blogging plan based on 30 keywords;
  • Social media strategy and an integrated blog content plan.

I offer marketing packages too.

Consider a blogging package of copy and content. When combined with social media content (as part of the package), the blog posts can increase your company’s visibility: get found on search engines, and build a following of fans.

A blogging copy and content package is ideal if you’re a startup company, or are preparing for a product launch.


Blogging and more: what do you need?

Blogging and more: what do you need?

I’m happy to chat to discuss your needs.

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