Mind Maps For Creatives: Overcome Challenges And Find Solutions

Are you using mind maps? They’re powerful tools you can use in many ways to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and get motivated. They help writers and other creatives to become more creative and productive.

When I mentor writers and authors, they’ve opted for mentoring because they’re frustrated. When you’re battling in the trenches of your writing career, it’s hard to gain perspective. One writer was ready to give up writing completely, until he created a mind map to help him to gain perspective.

Mind maps help you to overcome stress and gain perspective

When things go wrong and you’re feeling stressed, spend five minutes and create a mind map. It will help you to gain perspective, and see solutions to challenges more easily.

Use a mind mapping tool, or just draw your map on a piece of paper, with your primary challenge at the center. Canva offers free templates.

New to mind maps? Here’s a tutorial to get you started. However, be aware that there’s no “right” way to use these these tools. Doodle, or create a storyboard.

Let’s look at a process you can use in a little more detail. No time? You can do this in minutes, no matter where you are, with a notepad and pen.

1. Experiment with the WOOP process: obstacles, solutions, and plans

WOOP is an acronym for Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, and Plans. Although you can create a single map, with your goal at the center, and the WOOP elements radiating from it, it can be useful to create a separate diagram for your obstacles.

Start by creating a brain dump of your obstacles. Then add them to a map—insights and ideas will appear, as if by magic.

Next, look at your goals, and solutions.

2. Your goals: create a new diagram

Add the solutions you’ve spotted to a new diagram with your most important goal at the center. Think creatively, and be positive. Even if a solution seems far-fetched, or currently impossible, add it anyway.

Which solution is most appealing? Pick one.

3. Pick a solution, and create a strategy

Put your chosen solution at the center of a map, then brainstorm a strategy, right on your map.

Implement the strategy immediately.

Use quick diagrams to help all your writing

Stress can cause writing blocks. Whenever you find yourself blocked, create a mind map to find solutions. Then create a strategy, and take a small step immediately: your motivation will grow.

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