Sell More Books Today: The Simple Secret To Successful Fiction

Sell More Books Today: The Simple Secret To Successful Fiction

Wish you knew why your books aren't selling?

Your books aren't selling. You've done everything right, but you may have missed an essential element of bestselling fiction...

That element is suspense.

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About the Book

In Sell More Books Today, The Simple Secret To Successful Fiction, we look at what makes bestselling fiction.

It’s a simple secret, and once you know it, you’ll look at your writing in a new way—and you’ll use the strategies which turn your novels into page-turners.


If you love writing fiction, read on

Love writing fiction? I do too. Not only is fiction fun to write, it can be profitable.

But… (There’s always a but…)

Most novels and novellas sell poorly and their authors aren’t sure why. After all, the author did everything right, but something’s missing.

Here’s the thing. Your book may have a wonderful setting, great characters, as well as an exciting plot, but sales lag. It’s not your fault. No one shared the secret of bestselling fiction with you.


It’s not your fault your books aren’t selling

Chances are you’ve never looked at bestselling fiction and wondered why bestsellers sell.

It’s magic, right? Or perhaps it’s luck. All those bestselling authors got lucky. Or maybe it’s literary merit?

You may wonder whether your writing needs to improve. Relax. Few bestselling novels are literary masterpieces. You can assess lists of fiction bestsellers and discover that critics have panned every novel on a list.

But readers don’t care. Bestsellers are bestsellers for a reason and something other than literary merit draws readers to a book which sells hundreds of thousands of copies. Readers may enjoy literary brilliance, but they’re looking for something else when they read.

So, what do readers want? What, for the love of all that’s precious, is the SECRET?

The big secret: here’s what readers want

Readers want to know what happens next. They want to be emotionally involved with your story. When they’re totally engaged in the story; they’re on the edge of their seat… They can’t leave.

Novels become bestsellers when readers zoom through them, staying up way past their bedtime because they can’t stop reading. In short, readers want to be kept in suspense.

You can use the big secret in your own fiction

Ready for a shock? Page-turner, bestselling novels don’t happen by accident. Authors manipulate readers using simple tricks.

You can learn those tricks so that every book you right will have readers in an agony of suspense, wondering what happens next.

Start today.

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