Fiction ghostwriting: Story Spinner

If you love writing fiction, check out our fiction ghostwriting online program. It’s available now, and you can establish the foundations of a six-figure writing business in just seven days.

Many fiction authors are turning their fiction into a side hustle, even a full time career.

What’s fiction ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes to order. You write fiction for your clients to publish under their own name. You might specialize in a genre, such as domestic thrillers, or contemporary romance. Once you’re known, you’ll discover that clients will approach you.

Ouch… does the thought of someone else’s name on your books make you wince? That’s OK. Some authors are protective of their books, and hate the idea of someone else claiming credit.

On the other hand, if you need an income, and love writing fiction, ghostwriting is in demand.

In our Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days program you’ll discover:

  • The new world of ghostwriting: new “stealth” publishers who hire writers and pay well;
  • How to write novels fast — discover how to turn 25 words into 60,000 words in a couple of months;
  • How to find clients who’ll happily pay a deposit of $5,000 or more (upfront) for your words, and much more.

Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days

You can enroll in Story Spinner here.

As with most of my programs, it includes coaching.

On completion, I’ll add you to my list of fiction ghostwriters, to update you with requests from clients who are looking for a ghostwriter.

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