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Grow your skills and enhance your opportunities with our online classes and programs. The more you know, the more you earn. And the more fun you’ll have.

Online classes help you to:

  • Develop a marketable skill, which you can use in your day job, or as a side hustle.
  • Change careers.
  • Pick up a new career, if you’ve retired.
  • Start a new business, or grow your current business.

When you enroll in a class or program, you’ll receive personal coaching via phone or email. Moreover, you can stay in touch, to get ongoing assistance.

New online classes and programs: watch for announcements on social media

Join a class to develop expertise in self-publishing, content creation, ghostwriting, and much more.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve focused on small classes, because everyone’s different, and has different needs. For example, I offer a Self-Publishers’ Marketing class several times a year. With a maximum of five people for each eight-week class, I can help new and established publishers to boost their sales.

Could you benefit from a class?

I’ve been offering classes online since 2002. It’s hugely satisfying to see students develop their careers, or their business.

We announce new online classes on social media; watch for them.

You can contact us about upcoming classes too; we’ll add you to the relevant mailing list.

The programs below are available now.

Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days

The Story Spinner fiction ghostwriting program is available now, to help you to establish the foundations of a six-figure writing business in just seven days.

Many fiction authors are turning their fiction into a side hustle, even a full time career. Get started today.

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