Fiction Author? Black Friday Specials Available Now

If you’re a fiction author, you know that fiction can be challenging. This year’s Black Friday special offerings will make writing and publishing fiction easier. Here they are: Your Short Fiction Formula; and Commercial Fiction Secrets: Plot Your Novel In 60 Minutes Or Less. Are you a fiction author? Make writing and publishing (and marketing) easier 2020 has challenged everyone. … Read more

Self-Publishing: The Easy And Free Book Marketing Solution

The self-publishing author told me: “I hate book marketing. At least if I get a publisher, I can forget about that. I just want to write…” Experience is always the best teacher, so I swallowed hard and suppressed my giggles, then responded calmly: “Yes… most authors prefer writing to marketing.” Why do authors (whether self-publishing or not) hate marketing? My … Read more

New Fiction Author? Ten Minutes A Day Is All You Need

Do you wish you could be a fiction author? One of my coaching students, Mia, wanted to write fiction, but she recently went back to work full-time. “I wish I could write a novel,” she said, “but I don’t have time. There’s work, and my freelancing side hustle. My son’s only a toddler.” Your life will change, BUT… I know … Read more