“The Ghostwriter’s Six-Figure Goldmine”, Now Available

This year, I’ve had many chats with ghostwriters. They talk about clients expecting to pay peanuts for ghosting nonfiction and fiction books. There’s a fundamental misconception here. Please take this to heart: YOU set your rates, no one else. Look at it this way. If I want to hire someone to take a scythe my overgrown garden, kill weeds, remove … Read more

Professional Fiction Writer: 2 Ideas To Go From Hobbyist To Pro

Are you a fiction writer who’s wondering about a professional career? Perhaps you’ve written and published some fiction, with varying degrees of success. As you may know, I’ve been writing fiction for many years, both as a ghostwriter and as an author, under several pen names. In this article on writing fiction for profit, we suggested that: Ghostwriting may be … Read more

A Writing Niche: What Is It? Do You Need One?

If you’re a new freelance writer, you’ve heard writers discuss their niche. So, what’s a writing niche? Should you focus on a specific niche, or go your own way? Basically, a freelance writing niche is a specialty. It’s an area in which the writer is knowledgeable and experienced. It could be a form of writing, such as copywriting, or a … Read more

Writing Ebooks: Can You Still Make Money?

Have you wondered about writing ebooks as a profitable way to make an income? Self-publishing is still the perfect home business. You don’t need big money to get started, and you can write in your spare time or full-time. Although millions of ebooks are published on Amazon, authors can nevertheless make money. An article from Amazon discusses Amazon Kindle Direct … Read more