Freelance Writer: 3 Steps From Aspiring Writer To Pro

Have you wondered whether you could get started as a freelance writer? Over the past months, I’ve received many questions from aspiring writers. These questions boil down to: how do you get started? How do you get your first client? Get started as a freelance writer today Companies and people hire writers every day. In Your Writing Side Hustle: 4 … Read more

Writing Process: Trust Your Creative Self (It’s Not Easy)

Every writer develops their own writing process. Its foundation is trust. You need to trust your intuition (your instinct, or creative self) to develop a process which works for you, but it’s not easy. When you first begin your writing journey, you will confuse your intuition with your inner editor — your ego. A few weeks back, a coaching student … Read more

Outlining Fiction: 3 Tips To Make It Easy

Do you find outlining fiction a challenge? Many authors do. Authors want to: Hook readers from the first page… This makes the first scene important; it freezes authors into endless procrastination; Avoid reader-boredom in the sagging middle of their novel, so procrastination strikes again. Outlining fiction: the most important tip Please don’t let your inner editor take charge, telling you … Read more