Kindle Vella (New): Amazon Publishes Your Serial Fiction

Amazon has launched a new publishing service, Kindle Vella, for serial fiction. Authors write serials, KDP publishes them; readers pay for serial episodes via “tokens.” As Amazon reports in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Help files, currently Kindle Vella is only available to US-based authors. If you’re outside the US, I wouldn’t worry; Amazon launches in the US first, then … Read more

Book Marketing Research: Sell More Books, Starting Today

If you’re a self-publishing author, you struggle to find time for book marketing. Writing fills your “spare” time, especially if you’re combining self-publishing with a full-time job and looking after your family. Sooner or later however, you’ll decide that you must market your books so that readers can find and enjoy them. You’re conflicted. With just 24 hours in each … Read more

Write A Cookbook (Even If You Can’t Cook)

Recently a writing student told me she wanted to write a cookbook, but she couldn’t get started yet: she needed to master cooking first. After all, if she couldn’t create a recipe, she couldn’t write a cookbook… Could she? That got me thinking about the elements of great cookbooks. Yes, they contain recipes, but they also contain something else which … Read more

Offering: Write Commercial Fiction (10 Days)

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Self-Publishing: Fiction Bestsellers’ Secrets You Need To Know

Are you a self-publishing author? If you’ve published a novel or two, you know that sales can be elusive. A recent study showed that 55% of KDP authors made less than $1 a day. On the other hand, bestselling self-publishing authors can make several thousand dollars a day. Why is that? What do bestselling authors know? Self-publishing: what do bestselling … Read more